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The Nigel James Elite Coaching Academy provides:

+ Elite coaching, conditioning and training, using the proven, unique Nigel James methodology

+ A talent identification programme

+ Games against top academy teams

+ Professional trials and showcasing

+ Professional standard facilities

+ Training with the best players in a student’s age group


The Nigel James technique simplified:



How Players deal
with the ball

First touch


When under pressure

How Players movE

on & off the ball

Turn of pace ‘Gear-change’


Running technique


Dealing with success & failure

Knowing how to win


The Syllabus

The primary objective of the Nigel James Elite Coaching Programme, is to offer a syllabus that adheres to the concepts, and coaching requirements of the three phases of the EPPP (Elite Player Performance Plan), which are the Foundation Phase (7-12), the Youth Phase (12-16) and the Professional Development Phase (16-18), of an Academy curriculum. If your child isn’t at a club, they need to be in an academy programme.


This is delivered by coaches who have worked, and are currently working, in recognised Category 1 & 2 Professional Football Club Academies, and who have the requisite capability, experience and qualifications, to deliver the programme to the same standard.


The Nigel James Elite Performance Plan gives boys & girls of all ages and abilities, the opportunity and flexibility, to study across all the three phases of elite football development, with coaching group sessions tailored to the individual development requirement of each student.


In the “Foundation Phase”, the syllabus is based upon developing ball mastery skills. Ball mastery is the fundamental basis where professional capability on the ball is acquired. The programme is focused on one student, one ball, and through a series of fundamental practical exercises, the beginner gradually masters the ability to control the ball to an elite standard and capability.


As the programme, and the student’s capability progresses & develops, the student practices his newly acquired skills with an opponent in an attacking & defending drill, commonly referred to as 1 v 1.


The programme then develops into, 2 v 2 and 3 v 2, with the emphasis on retaining possession of the ball. The students use their newly acquired ball mastery skills to circumvent high-pressure situations so as to retain possession of the ball.


The Nigel James Elite Coaching Programme quickly identifies the appropriate level of coaching required, to set a student on a solid base of learning, through discipline and diligent application, in which to attain the skills to progress and develop elite capability.


As the programme progresses, students then move on through the “Youth Phase” curriculum, and finally, the “Professional Development Phase”.


Should your child have the passion and ambition for the beautiful game, we accept motivated and committed individuals from the ages of 5-21. Attendance three times per week is required in order to develop a player over a prolonged period of time.



Since 2003, Nigel James has taken his elite coaching concept to primary schools in the Richmond, Surrey, district. The curriculum allows for children in Years 1 and 2 to learn the basics of football in a fun environment. A number of the children progress into the academy and cultivate their passion for football. For example, three children have since progressed from the primary school, through to the academy and are now at professional football clubs.

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