Roy Massey, Assistant Academy Manager. Arsenal Football Club

"I have known Nigel for the past eight years and in this time he has successfully run his coaching schools and has played a number of games against various development centres. When I have seen his teams play, they have been well organised and disciplined. Nigel is a good coach, has a good knowledge of the game and has a desire to help boys reach their full potential. Several of his players have had trials and been signed in the London area."


Paul Lowe, Senior Academy Recruitment Officer, Liverpool Football Club

"I first met Nigel while working as the Academy Manager at Crystal Palace FC some 10 years ago. He has an excellent reputation for identifying and coaching boys in the London area. It’s has amazed me over this period the wealth of contacts that he has established both in professional clubs and grass roots football. Nigel has had the opportunity to be involved at both Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspur in the time that I’ve known him which obviously has made him aware of the professional standards and levels of elite footballers. Coaching has always been Nigel’s passion and through his elite development centres he has developed players from grass roots to International standard."


Lee Herron, Academy Manager. Reading Football Club

"Having known Nigel professionally for eight years we have worked closely together through Reading Football Club and Nigel’s knowledge and experience of recruitment in youth football continues to impress me. Throughout each and every individual instance Nigel has conducted himself with honesty and integrity, in line with the values associated with Reading Football Club, in providing the club with essential knowledge and expertise.


His ability to understand the many and varied pressures of the environment whilst ensuring that neither his own values, nor those of the organisations with which he associates himself, are compromised is testament to his character and will continue to serve him well in the future. I can confidently endorse Nigel’s ability, professionalism and reliability in all professional matters relating to football and look forward to continuing our working relationship in years to come."


Kevin Betsy, U15-16 Head Coach, Fulham Football Club

"I have known Nigel for a number of years and have always found him to be the consummate professional as both coach and mentor. Nigel is expert at getting the very best from his talented youth players and has had incredible results at his coaching academy with a number of boys going on to the top academies in the country.


It is always a pleasure collaborating with Nigel and I wish him the best in his future endeavours."


Tony Gale, ex-professional footballer & regular pundit on Sky Sports.

"Nigel James Elite Coaching is a great concept. It enables all kids with varying football abilities to have the extra training and coaching required to further their careers. Kids who are not in professional academies or those released from clubs have a great opportunity to regain there confidence to get back into the footballing ranks and for the kids there that are at pro clubs, well, they get even more training and I’m a believer in the old adage of practice makes perfect! I have known Nigel for years, his footballing contacts are second to none and the coaches he uses are right up there with the top ones."



Zechariah Medley, Chelsea

"Training at the Nigel James Elite coaching has been very beneficial to me. It's a place where I have gained brilliant technical training and tactical understanding of the game. Training is very disciplined and the expectations are high, this has helped my concentration levels in training and games. It's a place where you get the chance to express yourself as well as improving speed of thought on the pitch. Whenever I get the chance to train at the Nigel James elite coaching Academy (usually the off season) I will go as it will only improve me as a player and to work with other players too is good. The environment is fantastic and it is a great place to be."


Ryan King-Elliot, Crystal Palace

"Coaches at Nigel James academy have been exceptional in helping me develop the individual aspects I had difficulties with before; they are keen and enthusiastic in motivating all players, as a team and individually. The staff always make time for individuals, not only with football but also on a personal level they get to know you.


I recommend this programme to footballers of all ages and skills, you will feel welcomed and it will further increase your footballing ability enabling you to reap the benefits. I have enjoyed coming here and feel like a role model to the younger players, this is due to the coaches giving me responsibilities, enabling me to further my confidence in supporting and leading."


Rudi Rudoni, AFC Wimbledon

"Nigel James Elite coaching gives me the opportunity to train with boys of all ages from different academies/clubs who are as focused on their football as I am. I enjoy the challenge this gives me each week and I also now have a wide circle of friends.


The coaches are used to training at academy level and the tempo of the session is always high. As a result I now have quick, skillful feet and confidence as a player."


Stathis Kalathias, Queens Park Rangers

"Nigel's training made me improve much faster than the players around me and without his demand for excellence I don't think I could have become the player that I have turned out to be. He is always finding new challenging ways to improve my game and giving me opportunities in matches to show him what I've learned in training throughout the weeks. I owe my contract at QPR to him and the other coaching staff."


Reece James, Chelsea

"My father has coached all 3 of us and through his efforts and encouragement I feel confident in my game and I am improving and evolving constantly. His coaching is the very best that any youth player could hope to experience and any player at his academy can succeed if they work hard and follow the Nigel James method. As a U16 Chelsea Scholar I credit my achievements to date to my Dad and all those hours of coaching, advice and mentoring."


Sid Kerr, Brighton & Hove Albion

"I have been lucky enough to have been training with Nigel for just over 3 years and through that time I have learnt a huge amount but mainly that every detail must be the highest quality in order to be the best. If you are serious about playing football, this is the place to be."


Lauren James, Arsenal

"My Dad has been the inspiration behind my football and has helped me every step of the way. I grew up playing football with my brothers and wanted to play like them; I have always loved the game. I am grateful to my Dad for all the time, effort and love that he has put into my football by coaching me in order that I reach the very best level and fulfill my full potential. It is thanks to him that i am training and playing with the U17 ladies Arsenal team at age 13/14."


Lucy Withers, Chelsea

"I enjoy training with Nigel and his coaches. My skill on the ball, reaction time and awareness have all improved with their coaching."


Luther Williams, Chelsea

"I like training with Nigel because everybody there is really nice to you even if they are bigger and better than you and Nigel has really high expectations of me which helps me to play better."



Mark O’Connor

"The early core focus with Jack in 2007 was on high quality touch, first time passing and developing very fast feet and best in breed fitness. Undoubtedly these techniques supported Jacks selection into crystal palace academy in 2008.


The high intensity training coupled with Nigel’s relentlessness to always work hard and his expectation of very high standards of play and behaviour has instilled an uncompromising mindset to never think you have made it.


Nigel's continuous education of the game and tactics coaching is often ahead of the learning expected at a players age and this early preparation has served Jack well especially in his pre scholar years."


David Kerr

"Tempo, quality and hard work. A pleasure to watch and a privilege to be part of such an amazing setup."


Caroline and James Rudoni

"Although my son is signed to an academy team the NJ Elite Coaching has been invaluable to his development as the coaches emphasise the importance of ball control, touch and composure on the ball. I have seen my son's technical skills develop considerably since starting here, enabling him to move the ball comfortably around players who are older and physically stronger than he is. NJ Elite Coaching offers the highest level of coaching in a very professional environment. The coaches are all friendly and approachable but instill a high work ethic in the players. I am extremely grateful that my son has the opportunity to train in this environment."


David Wilkinson

"I would describe Nigel as a unique blend and breed of coach, or teacher. His overriding objectives are to get it right, and his attention to detail is to second to none. Both my kids are constantly challenged and there is no comfort zone, no place to hide that allows for complacency and stagnation. As a result, both kids have over time, made dramatic improvements in their abilities and have learned the virtues of dedicated application and effort. If only Nigel could also teach Maths & Science!"


George Kalathias

"By far the most professional, organised, disciplined, focused and high intensity training sessions ever experienced. Helped my son gain confidence and composure when on the ball as well as exceptional technical ability and vision on the pitch."


Simon Withers

"My daughter, Lucy, has benefitted from the expert coaching of Nigel and his team, both helping her to retain her place in the Chelsea School of Excellence and the England ISFA team."


Julie & Tom Williams

"If it weren’t for Nigel, Tommy would not be where he is today. Nigel’s dedication to him and us as a family has been unfailing. In the past 18 months, Tommy’s footwork has improved immeasurably and he has become super fit. This along with Tommy’s ability to move, has made a huge difference to his game and has led to him signing with Fulham FC. We want to thank Nigel for getting Tommy here. Without Nigel’s time and Tommy’s dedication he would not be where he is today.."


Helen Williams

"Luther attended Nigel James Elite coaching because of Nigel's unparalleled reputation as a coach.

Nigel identified the weaknesses in my son's game, and stated that given 6 months of extensive training at the academy, he would be up to the standard necessary for a trial with a premier league club. True to his word, 6 months later, my son has been signed by xxxx.


I am so grateful for Nigel's dedication and expertise getting my son to this level and helping to fulfil this milestone in his football. "



Jack Rudoni

AFC Wimbledon


Ronan Halpin

AFC Wimbledon


Jordan Norville-Williams

Arsenal FC


Lauren James

Arsenal FC & England


Luke Donnalen

Arsenal FC


Micael Fatela

Brentford FC


Sid Kerr

Brighton & Hove Albion FC


Lucy Alice Withers

Chelsea FC


Luther Williams

Chelsea FC


Reece James

Chelsea FC


Zak Medley

Chelsea FC & England


Andrew Demby

Crystal Palace FC


Brice Hosanah

Crystal Palace FC


Jack O’Connor

Crystal Palace FC


Ryan King-Elliot

Crystal Palace FC


Tommy Williams

Fulham FC



Emma Wilkinson

Gillingham FC


Declan Noregrove

Millwall FC


Namdi Ofoborh

Millwall FC


Jonathon Babwana

Norwich City FC


Tim Odusina

Norwich City FC


Jamie Altereno

Queens Park Rangers FC


Stathis Kalathias

Queens Park Rangers FC


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